SASMO Sample Questions 02 – Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad

Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad SASMO is devoted and dedicated to bringing a love for Mathematics to students. Unlike most Math Olympiad Competitions, SASMO caters not only to students in the top 5% but to the top 40% instead. It aims to arouse students’ interest and enthusiasm for mathematical problem solving, develop mathematical intuition, reasoning and logical thinking, as well as creative and critical thinking. In addition, this can help improve the students’ math grades because they can apply problem-solving strategies learnt during the training to their daily school mathematics. You can download SASMO Sample Questions 02 – Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad for practice at the end of the article.

SASMO Sample Questions 02 – Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad

Created in 2006, SASMO is one of largest math contests in Asia. It has expanded from 155 local participants in 2006 to more than 20 000 participants from 19 countries in SASMO 2016. More than 100 schools from Singapore took part in SASMO 2016.

The SASMO Team with the support of Advisory Council spend countless hours carefully developing contest papers which will touch on both school and Olympiad maths. This combined effort allow participants to do better compared to pure-Olympiad papers, since they are familiar with some questions and are able to put on their thinking caps for others, bringing out the inner mathematician in them.

With realistic and high standards, SASMO contests aim to stretch the untapped thinking potential of the student population, their participation in SASMO will help them improve in school mathematics as well as higher order thinking skills (HOTS).

Format the contest
SASMO is open to all Primary 2 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 4 students (Grade 2 to 10 students from International schools). Each level has a differentiated paper and contains 25 questions within 2 sections:
Section A: 15 Multiple Choice Questions (2 points for each correct answer; 0 point for each unanswered question; deduct 1 point for each wrong answer)
Section B: 10 Non-routine Questions (4 points for each correct answer; no penalty for wrong answers)
Total: 85 points (to avoid negative scores, each student will begin with 15 points) [source]

You can read, download and practice with the SASMO Sample Questions 02 – Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad below. If you have difficulties to download the files, you can read the guide at here How to / Guide to download the file with steps.

SASMO Sample Questions 02 Collection
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SASMO Sample Questions 02 PrimarySASMO Sample Questions 02 Secondary

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