1. Pushpa Mahadevan

    Could you please tell me where do I find more question papers with marks scheme for Cambridge Checkpoint all stages?


    Could you please tell me where do i find more past year question papers for APMOPS.
    Thank You

    1. To create an account there is no need to activate it. Just login with your username and password when register. Your account activated automatically.

  3. neeveen

    kindly can you update more of primary progression test paper for stage 3 .. what is there not enough

  4. Neeveen

    And can I ask about the Cambridge checkpoints past paper which there her for what stage .. because it is not write on it .

  5. Do you have , or know where I can find Primary progression test papers stage 4, English and Maths – papers 2 (I see that you have 1 but I can’t find 2). Thanks!

  6. shapura

    Where can I get the answer for the new edition of the workbook for Mathematics Checkpoint 1, 2 and 3.

  7. Good day sir/ma,
    Infact i do really enjoyed this particular page, it makes to be confident in teaching my students. Please, how can i get oct/nov mathematics checkpoint past papers.

  8. Zahid

    Hi, Do any one have the lesson exercises (Numerical) solutions? If any one have then can contact me at “cap.zadi@gmail.com” for further discussion. Regards

    Cambridge IGCSE Physics 3rd Edition , Tom Duncan

  9. Profile photo of Bob Bob

    You website is completely unusable without an ad-blocker running. I don’t mind the odd advert, but having one pop-up on every click defeats the purpose.

  10. Hai I need cambridge checkpoint papers grade 6 of this april 2017.does anyone have or can tell me about the link.thanks

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