Official SAT Mathematics Level 2 Past Papers Collections

SAT Subject Tests are the only national admission tests that measure students’ knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, and their ability to apply that knowledge. They are closely linked to the high school curriculum and have a proven track record of providing colleges with a highly reliable, objective assessment of student readiness for college-level work. You can download Official SAT Mathematics Level 2 Past Papers Collections for practice at the end of the article.
Official SAT Mathematics Level 2 Past Papers CollectionsThe SAT Subject Tests give students an additional opportunity to distinguish themselves and showcase their skills in a particular subject area. SAT Subject Tests are also standardized tests, but are not part of the SAT Reasoning Test. Some colleges use the Subject Tests for the following:

  • Admission. Spare yourself the agony of testing and check with your school of choice to see if a subject test is even required.
  • Course placement. Do you have to take English 101 or can you breeze through to 102, the one with the hot professor?
  • Course selection. You failed miserably on the German Subject Test, so it might be better to forego that trip to Munich, and sign up for Spanish instead.

You’ll want to take the tests that are required or recommended by the colleges that you’re interested in. Also consider subjects that you excel in or may want to major in, to showcase your strengths and interests.

The SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 1 (formerly known as Math I or MathIC (the “C” representing the use of a calculator) is the name of a one-hour multiple choice test given on algebra, geometry, basic trigonometry, algebraic functions, elementary statistics and basic foundations of calculus by The College Board. A student chooses whether to take the test depending upon college entrance requirements for the schools in which the student is planning to apply.

Until 1994, the SAT Subject Tests were known as Achievement Tests; and from 1995 until January 2005, they were known as SAT IIs. Mathematics Level 1 was taken 109,048 times in 2006. The SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2 covers more advanced content.

The SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2 (formerly known as Math II or Math IIC, the “C” representing the sanctioned use of a calculator) is a one-hour multiple choice test. The questions cover a broad range of topics. Approximately 10-14% of questions focus on numbers and operations, 48-52% focus on algebra and functions, 28-32% focus on geometry (coordinate, three-dimensional, and trigonometric geometry are covered; plane geometry is not directly tested), and 8-12% focus on data analysis, statistics and probability.

Compared to Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2 is more advanced. Whereas the Mathematics 1 test covers Algebra II and basic trigonometry, a pre-calculus class is good preparation for Mathematics 2.

You can read, download and practice with the Official SAT Mathematics Level 2 Past Papers Collections below. If you have difficulties to download the files, you can read the guide at here How to find and download resources or How to download all files in one zip file.

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