Australian Mathematics Competition AMC Past Papers 2016

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) was introduced in Australia in 1978 as the first Australia-wide mathematics competition for students. Since then it has served almost all Australian secondary schools and many primary schools, providing feedback and enrichment to schools and students. A truly international event, there are entries from more than 30 countries across South-East Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As of 2016, the AMC has attracted more than 14.75 million entries. You can read, download and practice Australian Mathematics Competition AMC Past Papers 2016 at the end of the article.

Australian Mathematics Competition AMC Past Papers 2016

The AMC is for students of all standards. Students are asked to solve 30 problems in 60 minutes (Years 3–6) or 75 minutes (Years 7–12). The earliest problems are very easy. All students should be able to attempt them. The problems get progressively more difficult until the end, when they are challenging to the most gifted student. Students of all standards will make progress and find a point of challenge.

The AMC is a fun competition with many of the problems set in situations familiar to students and showing the relevance of mathematics in their everyday lives. The problems are also designed to stimulate discussion and can be used by teachers and students as springboards for investigation.

There are five papers: Middle Primary (Years 3–4), Upper Primary (Years 5–6), Junior (Years 7–8), Intermediate (Years 9–10) and Senior (Years 11–12). Questions 1–10 are worth 3 marks each, questions 11–20 are worth 4 marks, questions 21–25 are worth 5 marks, while questions 26–30 are valued at 6–10 marks, for a total of 135 marks. [source]

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