SSAT and ISEE Ebooks Collection

The SSAT is a standardized test used by admission officers to assess the abilities of students seeking to enroll in an independent school. The SSAT measures the basic verbal, math, and reading skills students need for successful performance in independent schools. It’s an indispensable tool that gives admission professionals an equitable means to assess and compare applicants, regardless of their background or experience.

SSAT and ISEE Ebooks Collection

The SSAT is not an achievement test, which is a test created to determine a level of skill, accomplishment, or knowledge in a specific area. It does not measure the personal characteristics such as motivation, persistence, or creativity, that also contribute to success in school. Your SSAT score is just one part of your complete application to an independent school and while it is important, it is not the only criterion used in admission decisions.

SSAT and ISEE Ebooks Collection Princeton Review, Kaplan, McGraw-Hill, National Learning Corporation

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Ebook Kaplan SSAT & ISEE Middle & Upper Level Prep 2020.pdf
Ebook Princeton Review Cracking the SSAT & ISEE, 2020 Edition.pdf
Ebook Secondary School Admission Test / H.S Entrance Exams SSAT.pdf
Ebook McGraw-Hill Education SSAT/ISEE, 5th Edition.pdf
Ebook Princeton Review SSAT & ISEE Prep 2021.pdf

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