SMO Problems With Answers and Solutions (Singapore Mathematical Olympiad)

The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) is the largest and oldest mathematics competition in Singapore. It started as the Inter-School Mathematical Competition in the mid-1950. It was renamed Singapore Secondary Schools Mathematics Competitions (for the Secondary Section) and the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad from the late 1980’s. The current name Singapore Mathematical Olympiads (Junior, Senior and Open) started in 1995. Each year, thousands of students from all over the country take part in SMO. You can download SMO Problems With Answers and Solutions for practice at the end of the article.

SMO Problems With Answers and Solutions
Founded in 1952, the Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) is the national body representing the interests of the mathematical community in Singapore. It is a constituent body of the Singapore National Academy of Science, as well as member of the International Mathematical Union and International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

SMS organizes the annual Singapore Mathematical Olympiad and the Singapore Mathematics Project Festival, and supports the Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad. The Society also supports international mathematical conferences held in Singapore, and engages in outreach activities such as public lectures and workshops. [source]

Junior Section (First Round)
Junior Section (First Round Solutions)
Junior Section (Round 2)
Junior Section (Round 2 Solutions)

Senior Section (First Round)
Senior Section (First Round Solutions)
Senior Section (Round 2)
Senior Section (Round 2 Solutions)

Open section (First Round)
Open section (First Round Solutions)
Open section (Round 2)
Open section (Round 2 Solutions)

You can read, download and practice with the SMO Problems With Answers and Solutions below. If you have difficulties to download the files, you can read the guide at here How to / Guide to download the file with steps.

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