Online Resources Pearson Baccalaureate Economics

Here you will find learning resources produced by the authors of Economics which complement the content of the books. Online Resources Pearson Baccalaureate Economics

Online Resources Pearson Baccalaureate Economics

Interactive quizzes

These fully interactive multiple choice quizzes help you consolidate what you have learned from each chapter. With detailed feedback on your performance for each quiz, you can use this resource to assess your own progress and work on areas that might need attention.


These worksheets are broken down by chapter, and are provided in both Word and PDF format. They are designed to help you practice and consolidate what you have learned so far, and to revise for your exams. They are referenced in the margins throughout the textbook and tie in with the topics explored.

Chapter 1: The foundations of economics
Chapter 2: Competitive markets: demand and supply (Unit 1.1)
Chapter 3: Market equilibrium and efficiency (Unit 1.1)
Chapter 4: Elasticities (Unit 1.2)
Chapter 5: Government intervention (Unit 1.3)
Chapter 6: Market failure (Unit 1.4)
Chapter 7: Costs, revenues and profit (Unit 1.5 HL only)
Chapter 8: Perfect competition (Unit 1.5 HL only)
Chapter 9: Monopoly (Unit 1.5 HL only)
Chapter 10: Monopolistic competition and oligopoly (Unit 1.5 HL only)
Chapter 11: Measuring national economic performance (Unit 2.1)
Chapter 12: Aggregate demand and aggregate supply (Unit 2.2)
Chapter 13: Macroeconomic objective: unemployment (Unit 2.3)
Chapter 14: Macroeconomic objective: low inflation (Unit 2.3)
Chapter 15: Macroeconomic objective: economic growth (Unit 2.3)
Chapter 16: Macroeconomic objective: equity in income distribution (Unit 2.3)
Chapter 17: Fiscal policy (Unit 2.4)
Chapter 18: Monetary policy (Unit 2.5)
Chapter 19: Supply-side policies (Unit 2.6)
Chapter 20: International trade (Unit 3.1)
Chapter 21: Protectionism (Unit 3.1)
Chapter 22: Exchange rates (Unit 3.2)
Chapter 23: The balance of payments (Unit 3.3)
Chapter 24: Economic integration (Unit 3.4)
Chapter 25: Terms of trade (Unit 3.5 HL only)
Chapter 26: Introduction to economic development (Units 4.1, 4.2)
Chapter 27: Domestic and international factors and economic development (Units 4.3, 4.4)
Chapter 28: Foreign investment, aid, trade and debt (Units 4.5, 4.6, 4.7)
Chapter 29: The balance between markets and intervention (Unit 4.8)

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Online Resources Pearson Baccalaureate Economics

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