National Math Olympiads Around the World (Problem Solving)

Albania National Olympiad All-Russian Olympiad Brazil National Olympiad Bulgaria National Olympiad Canada National Olympiad China Girls Math Olympiad China National Olympiad Croatia National Olympiad Czech And Slovak Mathematical Olympiad, Round III, Category A Dutch Mathematical Olympiad Federal Competition For Advanced Students, Part 1 Federal Competition For Advanced Students, Part 2 […]

National and Regional Competitions (Problem Solving)

USA Contests Albania Contests Argentina Contests Australia Contests Austria Contests Belgium Contests Bosnia Herzegovina Contests Brazil Contests Bulgaria Contests Canada Contests China Contests Costa Rica Contests Croatia Contests Czech Republic Contests Finland Contests France Contests Georgia Contests Germany Contests Greece Contests Hong Kong Contests Hungary Contests India Contests Indonesia Contests […]

UK Mathematical Challenge UKMT Past Papers

The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a charity founded in 1996 to help with the education of children in mathematics within the UK. You can download UK Mathematical Challenge UKMT Past Papers for practice at the end of the article. The national mathematics competitions existed prior to the formation of […]

International Competitions (Problem Solving)

IMO (International Math Olympiad) IMO Shortlist IMO Longlists APMO Balkan MO Baltic Way Benelux CentroAmerican Cono Sur Olympiad Czech-Polish-Slovak Match Donova Mathematical Olympiad EGMO European Mathematical Cup Hungary-Israel Binational IberoAmerican International Zhautykov Olympiad JBMO ShortLists Junior Balkan MO Lusophon Mathematical Olympiad Mediterranean Mathematics Olympiad Middle European Mathematical Olympiad Nordic Pan […]