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Pearson Baccalaureate Essentials is the first IB series written specifically for EAL students. Designed to supplement standard textbooks, each book acts as a condensed guide to Diploma subjects, with targeted language to embed key concepts without the obstacle of translation. The books are written in a clear academic style, using efficient and succinct sentences which are accessible for students whose first language is not English.

Pearson Baccalaureate Essentials - Economics Ebooks Pearson Baccalaureate Essentials - ESS Ebooks Pearson Baccalaureate Essentials - Psychology Ebooks

The series contains:

  • focused content structured around the learning objectives of each subject guide.
  • model sentences to guide responses, answer-openers and exam advice +synonym, glossary and subject vocabulary boxes.
  • extended essay and internal assessment proposals and support.
  • highlighted key words and phrases, placed within the context of the course.

accompanying eBook with audio files of glossaries, model sentences and hints for success, plus PDFs of complete vocabulary lists.
Pearson Baccalaureate Essentials can also be used by non-EAL students as clear and targeted revision guides.

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