Worked Solutions Oxford IB Mathematics Higher Level Course Book

Uniquely developed with the IB curriculum team, this online course book will ensure your students achieve their best. Blending mathematical applications with crucial practice and inquiry, it fully integrates the IB approach to learning. You can download the Worked Solutions Oxford IB Mathematics Higher Level Course Book at the end of the article.

Worked Solutions Oxford IB Mathematics Higher Level Course Book
Mathematics Higher Level (HL) is a two-year course offered by the International Baccalaureate (IB) and is one of the Group 5 (Mathematics and Computer Science) courses for the IB Diploma Programme. The Standard Level (SL) mathematics courses are Mathematical Studies SL, Mathematics SL, and Further Mathematics SL.

The curriculum for Mathematics SL is a subset of the curriculum for Mathematics HL. The curriculum for Further Mathematics SL is composed of all four of the optional topics from Mathematics HL, plus an additional Geometry topic.

Mathematics HL is primarily intended for students “with a good background in mathematics who are competent in a range of analytical and technical skills,” and who anticipate that mathematics will be “a major component of their university studies, either as a subject in its own right or within courses such as physics, engineering and technology.” Therefore, HL students study the Core topics in greater depth for a minimum of 190 instructional hours and study at least one of the following optional topics (“Options”), for a minimum of 40 additional instructional hours:

  • Further statistics and probability
  • Sets, relations, and groups
  • Calculus, formerly Series and differential equations
  • Discrete mathematics


  • Full syllabus coverage – the truest match to the IB syllabus, developed with the IB to exactly match IB specifications.
  • Free eBook – a complete interactive eBook on CD is included for free, for the most flexible learning.
  • Complete worked solutions – a full set of worked solutions included online.
  • Extensive practice – over 800 pages and an eBook cements comprehensioUp-to-date GDC support – take the confusion out of GDC use and help students focus on the theory.
  • Definitive assessment preparation – exam-style papers and questions will build confidence.
  • The Exploration – supported by a full chapter, to guide you through this new component.
  • Real world approach – connect mathematics with human behaviour, language, morality and more.

Table of Contents

1: Mathematics as the science of patterns
2: Mathematics as a language
3: The long journey of mathematics
4: Modeling the real world
5: Aesthetics in mathematics: an introduction to mathematical explorations
6: Exploring randomness: statistics and probability
7: The origins of calculus
8: Ancient mathematics and modern methods: trigonometry and its multiple applications
9: Further calculus
10: Modeling randomness
11: Inspiration and formalism
12: Multiple perspectives in mathematics
13: Exploration
14: Prior learning

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