Exam Question Bank for Cambridge Pre-Uni A-Level IGCSE O-Level

These are links to past paper questions and their answers that have been grouped into topics and keywords. There are links to multiple choice questions (MCQ – which are self marking) and also to structured questions (the ones you write on). Exam Question Bank for Cambridge Pre-Uni A-Level IGCSE O-Level.

Exam Question Bank for Cambridge Pre-Uni A-Level IGCSE O-Level
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) are a provider of international qualifications, offering examinations and qualifications in more than 160 countries.

Qualifications offered by CIE include: Cambridge International General Certificate of Education – Advanced Level (Cambridge International GCE A-Levels), the AICE Diploma (Advanced International Certificate of Education Diploma), the Cambridge Pre-U programme, IGCSEs and Key Stage examinations for primary and secondary schools across the globe. The examination board is a division of Cambridge Assessment, founded as a department of the University of Cambridge in 1858.

This website is for students and teachers. It contains links to schemes of work for GCSE and A-level Physics and UK National Curriculum Science. The author is a teacher working internationally. It was originally designed to help students access interactive pages complimenting the Science and Physics lessons and also for students who had missed a lesson they could go online and see the scheme of work and try out the interactive resources to help stay up to date. Over time more and more resources have been added to enable the collaborative sharing of schemes of work.

Obviously you can’t write on an online exam question but you could jot down your answers onto paper (which is MUCH better than doing the questions in your head – as this involves a different skill set) and then to check your answers you click the button marked “view examiners marks scheme”. Some databases are more complete than others.

You can read, download and practice with the Exam Question Bank for Cambridge Pre-Uni A-Level IGCSE O-Level below. If you have difficulties to download the files, you can read the guide at here How to find and download resources or How to download all files in one zip file.

Exam Question Bank for Cambridge Pre-Uni A-Level IGCSE O-Level


  1. Ian

    Just wanted to say “hi” 🙂 Best wishes from Bangkok.

    I noticed you are linking to my past paper database site: http://www.sciwebhop.net – that’s fine – its out there for ppl to use – I mainly use it when (a) I want a lazy lesson with my classes i.e. book an ICT room and let the students get on with some past paper questions or (b) when I am building tests for school use. It is a solo project – just me in my spare time – occasionally stumbling across online exam papers and cutting them up as screen grabs and tagging them into the database – esp. if they are Physics related (my subject) – so on that note – thank YOU so much – you have allowed me access to a number of exam papers over time which I have then incorporated into my site.

    Just one note – you mention that obviously you can’t write onto the online structured questions. In fact you sort-of can now. Just get your students to double click anywhere on a questions and a textbox opens up. It then auto-saves under the student’s username as they click away from the textbox. Maybe someone will find that useful

    Anyway thanks again,

    Best wishes from Ian

  2. Any chance we can get some materials for IGCSE English Literature? The site is really cool – I hope I’ll find one as useful for English as this one is for Sciences

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