How to register, edit profile, recover password and username

How to register
Registering for this site is easy.
Open the register page, fill in the fields, complete sign up.
or you can login or connect with your account from google, vkontakte, twitter, linkedln, amazon, salesforce or microsoft.

Create an Account Intereseducation

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How to edit profile
Open your profile page and you can:

  • Change profile photo
  • Change cover image
  • Update email
  • Change current password
  • etc

Profile tab contents


Setting tab contents


How to recover password or username
Open the lost password page, enter your username or email and “reset my password”. Check your e-mail for the confirmation link.


To reset your password, visit the confirmation link and enter your new password.


If you have any problem:
How to register and edit profile
How to download the file with steps

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